A Hutch With Style: Decorating Tips

How To Fill Your Hutch

A large hutch can be a gorgeous addition to your dining or living room, and is very useful for storing accessories for your dining collection: linens, china or serving ware.

The open top shelves of your hutch are a great place to debut accessories and add finishing touches to a room.  We styled our ideal hutch, and came up with these ideas for your hutches!

1. Wallpaper and Fabric! Line the back of your hutch with wallpaper, or fabric for an extra pop of color and a beautiful background for your shelves.  By complimenting colors in your decorating scheme, you can tie in your hutch perfectly to the rest of the room.  Choose bright accessories to compliment your wallpaper choice.  We found these brightly colored tea kettles, which we found appropriate for the traditional use of hutches.

Hutch Wallpaper and Teapots2.  Mantle Clocks!  Let’s face it – the digital age has drastically changed the popularity of watches and clocks.  Mid century (and older) mantle clocks and grandfather clocks are becoming popular collectibles.  Our store always carries several beautiful clocks of all sizes – and we loved this small one for the centerpiece of our hutch.

antique mantle clock

vintage bookend

3. Antique books!  Cloth and leather bound books can be a great conversation piece to display in your hutch.  We supported ours with these book end characters to add more personality.  A hutch is a great place to store your book collection!

statue book holder

4. Vintage Tea Cups!  Do you ever have single or double tea cups that don’t fit into the full set?  We love these ornate, hand painted tea cups and matching saucers.  They were almost too pretty to use, making them perfect to show off in our eclectic hutch.Ornate china tea cups

5. Miscellaneous treasures and trophies!  Do you have that old trophy, or small statue that needs a home?  We paired two of them together on the top shelf.

Small trophy statues

6. Don’t forget the top!  The top of the hutch is another great space to feature an accessory – especially if your home has high ceilings!  We found this beautiful, hand painted tray, and placed it on display at the very top, along side some dishes.

hand painted trays

Voila!  A perfect hutch – completed!

Ways to decorate a hutch

What do you place on the shelves of your hutches?  If you’re looking for the hutch itself, or beautiful vintage accessories to fill it, come visit us!


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