The Gracious Inspired Vintage Apartment

Pink Living Room

In a quiet, historic neighborhood lives Vina and her eclectic apartment. Inspired by Gracious’ passion for repurposing and reviving furniture, Vina has decorated her apartment exclusively in vintage, and has created a living space that reflects her style and personality through collecting vintage pieces.

Says Vina; “what was most amazing, is that buying all used furniture was much more affordable than buying new furniture.   I was under a tight budget, and was able to find all of the furniture I wanted at prices that I could afford.  I don’t know why anyone buys anything new – vintage furniture has so much style, is high quality, and was sized correctly to fit into my apartment.”

Let’s take a tour of Vina’s vintage apartment.  Upon walking in, you are greeted with plenty of diffused natural light beaming in from the apartment’s many large windows, accompanied with the glow of warm earthy accents.

Polished hardwood floors provide the foundation of Vina’s style and her dining room table workspace provides the masthead.   Finding a large oval table with eight chairs was surprisingly easy.  “I was amazed at the selection of solid wood tables I was able to find.  I liked this older style, and it was in great condition.”

dining room

This vintage dining room table set seats eight and sits on top of a large oriental  rug, from Gracious.  “I fell in love with this rug instantly!  The rest of the room is designed to fit the rug.”

oriental rug detail

Opposite the table sits a gold accented credenza with its sliding glass doors, repurposed into a bookshelf, where she stores her many books on art.  “I love that Gracious always has so many great credenzas to choose from.  It was hard for me to pick one!  This one was sized right, and I liked the art deco details.”

credenzaContinuing down the hall, Vina has created her own art gallery from art she has collected from vintage stores and estate sales.  “Frames are so expensive to find new, and have no personality, but I’ve had so much fun collecting any vintage gold frames and artworks that catch my eye.  My collection is still growing.”

framed art


art collection

The hallway leads to the sitting room, a small room, painted pink for warmth.  This room was designed around her first vintage purchase – an Asian Toile arm chair she found at Gracious and fell in love with instantly.  “I had to have it.  I planned the rest of the room to match that chair.”

asian toile chair

white sofa

“I found a darling white sofa to match my toile chair.  I had a small space, so I needed a smaller sofa to fit.  Vintage furniture is fantastic, because it is always sized appropriately.  Most new things I see tend to be oversized.”

“Gracious has been great at helping me expand my art collection.  When I first saw this Civil War Era portrait, I was blown away by how lovely it was.  It’s such a treat to go into Gracious – their items are changing constantly, and you never know what you’re going to find.”

civil war era portrait

Now that her apartment is mostly finished, Vina is focusing on her tableware, and sticking to the vintage theme.


When it comes to decorating with all vintage / repurposed furniture – the trick is patience – and having a good connection with a vintage store.  “I told Tracy and Deirdre what I was looking for, and they would keep an eye out for me at estate sales.  If you like vintage furniture – you have to hunt for it. “


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