Cindy’s Gracious Home

Two years ago, our loyal customer Cindy came into Gracious on a mission.  She had the opportunity to restyle her entire house, and was looking for furniture that represented the feminine style of herself and her twin daughters.  Thus began a great collaboration between Gracious and Cindy for her home’s new look.  This was an amazing style synch between our tastes, and we are thrilled at how her beautiful home has turned out.
What makes this house so special?  Besides the lovely residents – it’s the fact that everything, from the rugs to the light fixtures is from Gracious.  Cindy’s style is warm with a bit of bling, cozy and vintage, and feminine with a little hard-rock edge.  Cindy really knows how to embrace the rule of vintage:
If you see something you like, buy it.  You’re not going to find another one!
She didn’t stop on the interior – she reworked her yard, too!
Check out Cindy’s Gracious Home:

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