Nine Ways to Repurpose Your Vintage Luggage

Have some vintage luggage sitting around the house and haven’t bothered to use them for travel? Don’t just let them sit around. You’re in luck because one of the hottest trends coming up in 2014 is taking that boring old vintage luggage and putting new uses to them.

6171. Turn it into a coffee table. Attach some legs onto it and place it out in your living room. You’ve instantly got a functional and fashionable coffee table to place your coffee table books on top of and your miscellaneous living room items within.

s.table_2. Take is a step further and turn it into a beside table. You can attach longer legs or place it on top of a suitcase stand. It’ll help liven up that bedroom and add a little bit of flare.

cat suitcase Haute Or Not Pets3. Speaking of beds, turn one into a bed for your cat (or small dog). As the Internet has found out, for some reason, cats just love boxes. Whether it’s sitting in them, sleeping in them, or playing in them, they find boxes irresistible, so turning some vintage luggage into a bed is sure to please your feline friend.

suitcase_chair4. Turn it into a chair! With a little bit of work, you can take that piece of luggage, attach some legs, add some cushioning and you’ve got yourself a fashionable piece of furniture to have in any room.

4165. Turn it into shelving. With a little bit of precision cutting and placement, you can turn your vintage luggage into awesome shelving that will look several steps up from plain wood shelves.

816-560x3796. Turn them into drawers! If you’ve got some luggage that is similarly sized and some woodworking skill (or know someone who does), you can turn your luggage into some fancy looking drawers.

3720943317_af13d3fb50_o7. Turn it into a suitcase bar. With a few additional pieces of molding, you can easily turn your luggage into a suitcase bar that your guests will most definitely talk about. It’ll keep all your drinkware nice and tidy and store your liquor safely.

s.cabinet8. Turn it into a medicine cabinet! If your bathroom currently doesn’t have one, you can easily make one with your old vintage luggage, a mirror, and a spot on the wall you can attach it to. You can even add some shelving inside to organize all your items.

426313_3183722309782_257555083_n9. Turn it into a boombox. If you’ve got some electrical know-how and the patience to put it together, you can turn that piece of vintage luggage into a fashionable boombox to lug around to parties! Take that music with you and look good doing it.


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