What Time is It?

It might be time for you to get a watch.

Or better yet, a vintage clock! We have a selection of vintage clocks in the store to choose from and all are in fantastic working order.  We love to see these beautiful creations of science and handcraft gracing the tops of mantels, displayed between antique books in curated bookshelves, or hung on walls in living rooms, to mark the time.

Here are some of our favorite vintage clocks in the shop.

Wonderful Seth Thomas mantel clock with Westminster chimes

This is a wonderful Seth Thomas mantel clock with Westminster chimes.   The art deco details are flawless.

This beautiful antique English clock is from circa 1890 and is encased in rich wood with incredible patina. These are the clocks you would see in public buildings, rail stations, and schools.

This antique Junghans mantel clock is from circa 1907. Jungans is one of Germany’s largest and oldest clock companies. It is a beautiful clock with Westminster chimes.


This antique wall mount clock is has beautiful hand carved details.

Do you know what time it is yet?


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