Essentials for Your Vintage Bar Cart


Vintage bar carts are an easy way to organize your drink collection and an awesome way to display them around the house. Once you have your bar cart, what do you store on it (besides the obvious personal selection of liquor)? We have a few ideas that we consider essential for every bar cart.


1. Your bar cart is set up with a selection of liquors and mixers but preparing a proper cocktail is whole separate issue. This is why we have to recommend The Art of the Bar to both seasoned drinkers and newbies. This handy book features a wide variety cocktails, both classic and new, from the talents of seasoned bartenders Jeff Hollinger and Bob Schwartz.


2. You have your liquors, you have your mixers, you have your garnishes, and the recipe to put it all together in a powerful cocktail. Now, you need to mix it together and what better way to do is than in a shaker? If James Bond prefers his cocktails shaken, not stirred, then maybe there’s just something to that method. We love a great vintage bar set and regularly stock shakers and all accessories!


3. Before you go ahead and pour yourself a drink all willy-nilly, perhaps you should consider letting it breathe first. In the case of wines, cognac, and single match Scotch, a decanter can go a long way to helping you enjoy your beverage by infusing oxygen into it through aeration. Not only will your drink taste better but it just looks cool. Speaking of looking cool, if you have a thing for cut crystal, we have the perfect decanter for you in the store.


4. When mixing a cocktail, having the proper tools can make that job a lot easier and a lot quicker. Open those bottles with ease, stir with reckless abandon, and garnish like the best of them with these handy bar tools. You’ll look like a proper bartender in no time.


5. Those cocktails are going to need ice and you don’t want to be running back and forth from the cart and the freezer. You’ll need to make sure you have yourself an ice bucket to keep that ice close and ready for serving.


6. Don’t forget about glassware! What else are you going to serve your drinks in? There’s a large variety of glassware you can choose from and you’ll need lots of different kinds for all the different drinks you’ll be making. If you’re not sure what kind to get, read our blog post “Drinking in Mid Century Modern Class” for a breakdown on the different types of glassware and their uses.


We also have Iittala glassware from Finland. The Ultima Thule line, inspired by melting ice, has been around for almost 50 years. We just came into a huge collection of it. Come on by and see it!



7. And lastly, you’ll need to invest in some bottle stoppers to keep your selection from going to waste. They look great and are functional too. Having a handful of these should help make your collection of liquor last longer and look great.


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