Mix and Matching Dishware: Colors

When it comes to collecting vintage dishware, it becomes difficult to find a complete matching set. Buying complete sets can also end up being a very pricy endeavor. Styles of the time also change which can be reflected in what is available out there. However, this shouldn’t deter someone from putting together a great looking collection that can be mixed and matched with the old and new, especially with these tips.

White goes with everything/

White goes with everything.

The basis of mixing and matching dishware is creating a theme and matching colors. The first thing is that white goes with everything. Intersperse your plain white dishware with colored or printed dishware. If you don’t have enough dishware of one particular color, white could be the basis in which to unify a group of mixed plate designs.

Matching blue on blue on a white base.

Matching blue on blue on a white base.

Mixing and matching colors for the seasons is also a great idea to add utilize more variety in your dishware. We find that green and pink are a great combo to utilize in the spring and summer. A green and brown combo go well in the fall, especially for the tablescapes that have a lot of Earth-y tones or utilize a lot of nature in the decor. For the winter season, you can’t go wrong with a green and cranberry look to accent the colors of Christmas.

Use patterns to bring it together.

Use patterns to bring it together.


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