Mix and Matching Dishware: Patterns

When it comes to collecting vintage dishware, it becomes difficult to find a complete matching set. Buying complete sets can also end up being a very pricy endeavor. Styles of the time also change which can be reflected in what is available out there. However, this shouldn’t deter someone from putting together a great looking collection that can be mixed and matched with the old and new, especially with these tips. This is the second part of our series. You can read the first one here.

Much like color matching, mixing and matching dishware involves themes and putting together different plates that complement each other. In this case, we want to focus on patterns. In the case of patterns, you want to start with a solid. The solid color will help create a foundation for the table and the rest of your arraignment.

Once you have your base established, you will want complimentary colors. Have some floral patterned plates? Lay them on top of other dishware with solid colored Earth-y tones. Worried about putting together an overwhelming combination? Stick with metallics and focus on combining textures.

2013-12-05 13.33.57

When you are putting together these combinations, don’t forget about linens. Table cloths, place mats, and napkins are a great way to give your mix and matched patterns a cohesive look.

2013-12-05 13.35.05


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