Top 10 Reasons to Buy Vintage Furniture

There are so many reasons to buy vintage furniture – from the gorgeous looks to the reduced carbon footprint – it’s hard to find a reason NOT to go vintage. So without further ado, Gracious gives our top 10 list on why we love buying vintage furniture, and why you should too!

10. Quality. If the piece has lasted 50 years, it will probably last another 50. Vintage pieces are made with such strong material, they last the test of time. Maybe a retouch is needed here or there, but you’re buying a piece that lasts!

9. You’re recycling! Buying vintage furniture is making your personal carbon footprint much smaller. Vintage is green, and we all need to do our part to be more environmentally conscious, so do so in style.

8. Originality. Vintage furniture has a unique originality that is hard to find in our mass-production world. Many vintage pieces are handmade one-of-a-kind pieces that aren’t available anywhere else. Typically when you buy a vintage piece, no one else will have it.


7. There is a story behind your piece. If you buy a living room chair at a regular furniture shop, most likely, there is no story behind it. But with vintage, each piece has character and history, adding a uniqueness to your living room. Research a little about the period which your piece was made, and suddenly your home is full of proverbial conversation pieces. And you definitely don’t have to be a collector to appreciate that.

6.. The style never fades. Vintage furniture never truly goes out of style. When you buy the new fad of armchairs, it will probably be ‘out’ in 2 years. With vintage, the style stays on for years. You can even combine modern and vintage pieces, which creates the ultimate look!


5. Finding vintage pieces is fun! Shopping around (especially at Gracious) can be oh so entertaining. When we go searching for pieces, we always have a great time – learn a lot of new stories, and find stunning furniture we must have.

4.The value. A vintage piece is worth so much not only for the style but for the reliability. You really get a bang for your buck when you buy vintage furniture because you know it will last years. Between moving houses, kids, pets, and the test of time, vintage pieces are an incredibly valuable purchase. Is that IKEA couch ever going to be a family heirloom? Probably not. But the restored vintage mantle clock. Definitely.


3.Variety. Vintage furniture gives more variety than buying new in-store items. Not only will you get unique pieces, but you have so many styles to choose from! There are thousands of vintage patterns that you won’t find every day, so you have choice when it comes to vintage pieces. This really holds true with dining ware (from silverware to platters) – Gracious has vintage pieces for entertaining that are really hard to find anywhere.


2. There’s a vintage community. At Gracious, we love meeting other vintage furniture-lovers, and together we form a community that appreciates well-done pieces. When buying vintage furniture, you can tap into this community for style tips that we are all happy to share! Gracious loves to work closely with customers and hunt for them, so if you’re looking for something in particular, we are happy to help find it!

1. The pieces are beautiful. In the end, many of us return to the point that vintage pieces make a room. The guests’ eye is constantly drawn to the stunning vintage piece, rather than the regular run-of-the-mill couch. Having vintage furniture or even just one great vintage piece decorates the room completely.



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